We may have extremely limited availability to check some residents in early (only if we have sufficient vacant rooms prior to the contract start date). We do not change the dates on your contract to reflect an early check in; early check ins are done as an administrative courtesy and are not a contractual obligation for College Houses to provide housing. The fee for an early check in is an additional $20/day, due with your first rent payment.

College Houses DOES NOT RECOMMEND checking in early, even if there is availability:

  • The room you receive as an early arrival might not be the room you are assigned to for the term of your contract; you may have to change rooms at the start of your contract.
  • By accepting an early check in, you prevent our crews from accessing the room between occupants. You will likely be the first person to see your room since the previous occupant left, and you agree to accept the room as-is. Dissatisfaction with your room is not grounds for a contract break. You should expect to perform heavier cleaning yourself, as our crews are very busy before the move in date, and many house officers are off-duty in the weeks before the contract start date.
  • Your room may not be fully furnished upon arrival. We will work to ensure you have a mattress, but other furniture may take some time to be relocated if you do not bring it in yourself).

To request an early check in, email the house membership coordinator: www.collegehouses.org/contact


If you have not received approval for an early check in, please do not come to the College Houses office to inform them that you know of unoccupied rooms in the building; this will not improve your chances of getting an early check in (the membership coordinator at the house coordinates early check ins). An unoccupied room is not necessarily available for early check in: sometimes we have several members switching rooms; the room you see open may have an occupant returning to that room shortly; the room may be scheduled for significant cleaning or maintenance; etc.

Other Options in Austin

If you are looking for short term housing in Austin, here are some resources we are familiar with (this list is not an endorsement, it is meant to be a resource):