This page will be updated frequently as College Houses has more details to share about our community’s response to COVID-19. While we have already taken many measures to protect our members, this page will focus on clearly providing key information that our members need in order to make decisions regarding their membership. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we navigate this unprecedented situation.

Rent for April and May

Rent will be due as usual on April 1 and May 1. By default, the usual grace period of 5 days will apply. You may pay through PayPal online, or drop a check or money order through the office mail slot at 1906 Pearl Street. All payment options are listed here: Pay.

If you do not request a payment plan by 5 pm on April 1st, we will assume that you are paying rent on time for April and May. Request a payment plan >

For members experiencing financial hardship due to COVID-19

First, please reach out to staff. Every member has a different situation, and we want to help you as much as we can.

The board of directors has made the following changes to help you maintain your membership:

  • All members are eligible for payment plans, even if they have had a plan previously. Payment plans do not reduce rent, but they provide more time to pay.
  • Usually, members cannot sign a new contract if their balance is higher than $300. This limit has been raised to $300 plus your April and May rent amounts.

If you or your family are experiencing financial hardship that you do not expect will be resolved in the short term, please consider taking advantage of the new reduced contract break fees through April 1. For more details, see “Contract Cancellation” below.

If your financial situation has not changed due to COVID-19

If you and your family are not experiencing financial hardship, you can help your fellow co-opers by paying your April and May rent as early possible. College Houses is doing everything possible to assist our members who need more time to pay. This can only succeed if as many members as possible pay their rent on time.

Please note that, as usual, members who do not pay rent and do not set up a payment plan are likely to be denied for future contracts.

Contract Cancellation

To cancel your membership, you must submit a Contract Cancellation Form. To receive a digital Contract Cancellation Form, please email Henrik, the Administrative Coordinator. We will provide a digital form and checkout instructions.

*The cancellation options listed below apply only if the cancelling member completes the contract break and check out processes and is fully moved out by April 1.

If members can’t arrange to move out by April 1 due to extenuating circumstances, those situations can be considered on a case-by-case basis by contacting us here.

Cancellation Fees

Below is our cancellation fee policy, as changed due to COVID-19:

The following will determine your cancellation fee:

  • Standard Cancellation: $300 Cancellation Fee (lowered from $950) applies to cancellations that take place during the contract term (up to April 1) that do not qualify for an “Exception” below.
  • Exception Request: You must meet one of the requirements listed in the “Exceptions” section below to qualify for a further reduced $75 contract break fee.


  1. Medical emergency
  2. Death of an immediate family member
  3. Qualifying military duty
  4. Added for COVID-19: Documentation of being in a vulnerable population in relation to COVID-19, documentation of being a primary care provider to someone that is ill and needs you, or if your home country/government recommends or demands your return. Documentation can be anything that supports your claim. If you have questions, please contact us.
  5. Added for COVID-19: Documentation that the cancelling member receives need-based financial aid.

*Check Out Date* In order to qualify for the reduced Standard Contract Break fee of $300, or any of the expanded $75 Emergency Exceptions, you must complete the contract break and check out processes and be completely moved out by April 1st.

If members can’t arrange to move out by April 1 due to extenuating circumstances, those situations can be considered on a case-by-case basis by contacting us here.

Contract Break Implications Once your contract is cancelled, you no longer will owe for rent or labor starting at the official notice date. College Houses considers the “Notice” date of a cancellation as the date the College Houses leasing office receives a completed Contract Cancellation Form. If you have any money remaining on your account, it will be returned with the deposit. This includes if you paid for the semester or paid ahead.

Room Cleaning & Abandoned Furniture Fees will still apply as usual if room and bathroom cleaning guidelines aren’t followed. Abandoned furniture or large items left in your room that must be hauled away will each result in a fee of $150.

Refunds If you paid for the entire semester, you will be refunded a prorated amount less any fees. The prorated amount is based on the official notice date of your contract cancellation. Refunds can only be provided by PayPal or wire transfer at this time.

Exception Requests Do you have a situation that falls outside of the listed scenarios? If so, please contact us.

Guest Policy

As part of our emergency response, guests are prohibited from entering any College Houses property for the remainder of the semester. A guest is anyone that does not have a current contract at College Houses, excluding staff and vendors.

Procedure for Members Exposed to COVID-19

Members experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, or any member who has recently been in contact with such a symptomatic person, must self-quarantine / self-isolate in their rooms for as long as possible. Your house emergency point of contact or director can assist you in getting what you need as you do this.

If you display symptoms of COVID-19 and are not self-isolating, this will be treated as a serious and intentional violation of policy. Such behavior can result in serious harm to other members. Violations of policy in relation to COVID-19 will be met with refusal of future contracts with College Houses and potential reporting to outside agencies.

Review the signs of COVID-19.


Here are a few outside resources that may be useful to members or their loved ones. (These sites are not controlled by College Houses and we make no guarantees of their quality.)

College Houses has also started a crowdsourced co-oper job board.