21st Street

707 W. 21st St. Austin, TX 78705

21st Street Co-op has rooms reserved for recipients of need-based financial aid! If you are the recipient of a Pell Grant (full or partial), a Subsidized Stafford Loan, or another award based on financial need, you are strongly encouraged to apply!

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We are now accepting applications for Summer 2024, and Fall/Spring '24-'25 leases.

Please see our Availability page for details.

The proudest, weirdest, and most fabled co-op in West Campus, 21st Street, is an Austin institution. Since its opening in 1974, the co-op has been home to generations of students who have helped shape its close-knit family. A typical ’21st Streeter’ is not defined by any social label or field of study. The co-op has been home to students pursuing degrees in Engineering, Nursing, Culinary Arts, RTF, Geology, Economics, and dozens of other majors. All members share a sense of open-mindedness, creativity, and adventure that help make the house a haven of free expression. Ours is the only clothing-optional co-op in the College Houses organization.

At 21st Street, members live in furnished single or double rooms, joined into five or ten-person suites. Each suite includes a living room, balconies, two bathrooms and showers per floor, and a kitchenette. Over the years, the character of the suites has morphed and changed, with some serving double roles, including a co-op library and games room. An array of beautiful murals are scattered across the walls of the co-op, painted by members both past and present. 21st Street also has plenty of outdoor space, including a front yard, fire pit, and back porch, which is the ideal location for our decades-long tradition of fire-spinning. Other shared amenities include a parking lot, laundry room, bike shed, and a fully stocked kitchen.

At 21st Street, “Labor is Love!” From cooking to bike repairs or being the house’s magazine editor, the labor opportunities at 21st Street are diverse and can cater to a busy schedule. There is always something to do most nights at 21st Street. On weekdays, members can usually be found relaxing on the back porch or jamming in the commons. Our Education Coordinators host weekly events, including movie screenings and workshops on anything from knitting to music production. On weekends, 21st Street frequently hosts musical performances, themed parties, or in-house events. The house fosters a lively and creative atmosphere that brings its members together to create a loving community. If you’d like to know more about life at 21st Street, please contact our Membership Coordinator at [email protected]. You can schedule a tour or arrange to come to a house meeting. If you’re not currently located in the Austin area, no problem! We’re still happy to chat about our house via email or video call. We can’t wait to meet you! MF21!

Declaration of Our Commitment to LGBT+ Safe Housing

In recent memory, 21st Street has always had a sizeable LGBT community, with a much higher percentage of 21st Streeters identifying as LGBT than the national average. To acknowledge this fact and better support our LGBT housemates, the members of 21st Street move to recognize our co-op as LGBT-safe housing, with particular emphasis on uplifting the voices of our trans members. Recognizing that College Houses does not allow for discrimination based on gender and sexuality, as well as the fact that all the co-ops have valued LGBT members, we want to explicitly declare our intention to prioritize creating a space welcoming to LGBT people.

21st Street has always been a diverse environment with members from a variety of backgrounds. It is our duty to strive, as best we can, to make all our members feel valued, regardless of their identity. Nonetheless, given the attacks on LGBT people, specifically trans people, across the country and, unfortunately, in our very own state, we feel compelled to recognize the importance of declaring ourselves against homophobia and transphobia. While none of our communities are perfect, we declare our intention to continuously work towards the goal of making our house a safe space for LGBT 21st Streeters for years to come. We open our doors to students of all genders and sexualities to create a thriving community together.

How to Apply

To fill out an application to live at 21st Street, visit the College Houses’ Application page at collegehouses.org/join

To find contact emails for all College Houses co-ops, visit the Contact page at collegehouses.org/contact


Fall 2024/Spring 2025 Rates

Rent Includes Bills & Meals
Single (Private) Room: $1099
(Equivalent without utilites: $910)
December and May Rent: $550

Double (Shared) Room: $844
(Equivalent without utilites: $655)
December and May Rent: $422

Single IV (Private) Room: $1020
(Equivalent without utilites: $831)
December and May Rent: $510

Double IV (Shared) Room: $784
(Equivalent without utilites: $595)
December and May Rent: $392


Note: All College Houses communities have modified their operations to promote health and safety during the COVID-19 pandemic. Read about our COVID-19 Response >

Main amenities

  • Furnished suites with small kitchenette: refrigerator, oven/range, sink, and cabinet space
  • Furnished rooms which includes a bed, dresser, chair, and desk
  • Meal plan
  • High speed wireless internet available in each room
  • Computer lab
  • Multi-functional common space with stage
  • TV lounge
  • Bike Shop
  • Library
  • Gym
  • On-site laundry facilities

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