1905 Nueces St. Austin, TX 78705

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Nueces is fully booked for the Fall 2023 semester. You can join the waitlist for a room at Nueces by visiting, or see other houses with available beds on our Availability Page

Although Nueces has the appearance of apartment-style living, members are still part of a democratic rule-making body and benefit from the unique social dynamics of co-ops. Just like other co-ops, Nueces members have house meetings, elect leaders, and take an active role in managing their community.

Located just two blocks from the UT campus, each “apartment” has 4 furnished bedrooms and 4 bathrooms with a shared kitchen space. Small suites give residents privacy, while a spacious courtyard and breezeways offer room for social interaction. Housed on the 3rd floor of the “Super Co-op” building, Nueces maintains a close relationship with Halstead & Laurel, the other co-ops within the Super Co-op building. Through these relationships, Nueces enjoys access to amenities throughout the rest of the building and a connection to a larger community.

While most College Houses co-ops require 4-5 hours of labor per resident per week, Nueces requires only 2 hours because no meals are served. Although there is no meal plan, house meetings at Nueces always include snacks! The “cookie monster” labor position brings food to each meeting.

With a 34-student capacity, Nueces is the 2nd smallest of the College Houses co-ops and among the most tight-knit (“we r all besties in Nueces”). Members regularly host kickbacks and social events such as “Whine Wednesday”, where they hang out and whine about their weeks over refreshments.

Ideal Nueces members generally take social responsibility and are committed to affordable, equitable housing. They are willing to participate in house matters, are cooperative in nature, and are non-tolerant of any acts of discrimination or harassment.

If you are interested in this unique house, please get in touch with the Nueces Membership Coordinator at [email protected]. You can schedule a tour or arrange to come to a house meeting. If you’re not currently located in the Austin area, no problem! We’re still happy to chat about our house via email or video call. We look forward to meeting you!

To fill out an application to live at Nueces, visit the College Houses’ Application page at

To find contact emails for all College Houses co-ops, visit the Contact page.

Nueces has recorded a video of a Nueces house tour! Link: View the video on YouTube

Fall 2023/Spring 2024 Rates

Rent Includes Bills Only.
Apartment-style: does not offer meals.
Single (Private) Room: $732
(Equivalent without utilites: $617)
August and January Rent: $366

Main amenities

  • Furnished rooms which includes a bed, chair, dresser, and desk
  • High-speed wireless Internet in each room
  • On-site laundry facilities
  • Small kitchenette in each suite: refrigerator, oven/range, microwave, sink, and cabinet space
  • Breezeway lounge areas

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