College Houses offers online payments via PayPal’s secure payment system. Through the form below you can pay your rent and fees using a credit card or your PayPal account.

PayPal charges a convenience surcharge of 3% on all transactions. The Resident is responsible for covering the cost of the convenience surcharge; please add 3% to all online payments.
Other payment options are listed at
Visit our rates page here.
If you have questions, please email Terrie Cordova: [email protected]

Don’t know how much to pay? Please refer to our fee schedule that includes the additional convenience surcharge that helps cover the cost of providing this online service to you.


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Full Student Name and Payment type:
(Example: John Smith – Parking Permit, Jane Doe – October Rent)
Which House do you reside in? Amount you are paying today (make sure to add 3% convenience charge, see below):

$250 for Fall/Spring ($125/semester)
Associate Fees:
17 meals a week $140+/month, Membership Fee $39
Membership Fee:
Convenience surcharge:
If you are paying this much via PayPal: Please add this amount to your payment total:
$1-$100: $2.50
$101-$200: $5.00
$201-$300: $7.00
$301-$400: $9.00
$401-$500: $11.50
$501-$600: $13.50
$601-$700: $16.00
$701-$800: $18.00
$801-$900: $20.00
$901-$1000: $22.50
$1001: and up see below *
* For fees over $1000, please add 3% of the fee amount to your payment. If you do not pay the correct convenience surcharge, your account will be billed.