Help us preserve and improve 21st Street Co-op for future generations

Since its founding in 1974, 21st Street Cooperative has been home to thousands of cooperators and has been a beacon of cooperative spirit in the fast-changing West Campus neighborhood. Now, 21st Street needs your support to continue to thrive.

There are many ways you can help. Will you support 21st Street Co-op?

Photo of people attending the 2019 21st Street Alumni Labor Holiday

Come to Labor Holiday

Following the first Alumni Labor Holiday at 21st Street in 2019, and another successful event at Pearl in 2021, we are ready to have y’all back once again to put in some elbow grease at 21st. We are planning a joint Community Labor Holiday for members and alums in Spring 2022, and we need to know who’s ready to get their hands dirty!

Community Labor Holidays are a chance to contribute your time and energy to do important interim maintenance tasks that aren’t fully addressed by normal member labor. Some past projects have included grounds maintenance, deep cleaning, and basic repairs. This time, we have a special project in mind as well! No experience is required.

Get More Involved

There are plenty of ways you can stay connected with co-ops. By signing up for our newsletter, joining our digital platform The Co-op Commons, or simply following us on Facebook or Instagram, you will be the first to hear about opportunities to support co-ops.

Donate to the 21st Street Building Fund

As 21st Street Co-op approaches its 50th birthday, we increasingly rely on solidarity from our community to keep the buildings in good shape. We want to see 21st Street standing even stronger than ever, without significantly increasing rent rates. We can only do this with your help. If you can, please consider donating today with a one-time or recurring gift.

This Giving Tuesday, our goal is to raise $1,000 to directly improve the 21st Street buildings. Will you contribute towards our goal?

21st Street Building Improvement Fund

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Donation FAQ

Where does the money go?

Every donation made through the form above will be used exclusively to maintain and improve 21st Street Cooperative, including its structures, grounds, fixtures, and furniture.

Are there other funds I can donate to?

Yes, you can see more giving options on our Donate page. No matter how you give, your gift goes directly to supporting our members and our mission to provide affordable co-op housing in Austin.

Questions? Please email [email protected].

How else can I donate?

We can accept checks or money orders at our office. Please mail to:

College Houses
1906 Pearl Street
Austin, TX 78705

For more options and info, please email [email protected].

Why is College Houses fundraising?

In the past, College Houses has relied almost entirely on rent to operate. However, as our buildings get older, the maintenance costs have risen greatly. Large projects like the 21st Street walkway repairs completed in 2019 will become more frequent, and many of these are likely to come with six- or seven-figure price tags. Without community support, co-opers may start to face hard choices, such as cutting budgets or raising rent significantly.

We are hard at work finding creative ways to fund major projects and renovations. However, we also know that we can’t be successful without direct help from our closest supporters. If you are a 21st Street alum, or you find value in preserving 21st Street for the future, please consider helping us in any way you can. Thank you!