Priority Pre-leasing

*You must be renewing a lease with College Houses to use this process. New member contract requests can only be processed via the link you received in your “Membership Results Letter”

Your current Deposit will carry over to your future contracts, and you will not need to re-submit payment for the Membership Fee.

Reservations / Priority Pre-leasing 
The priority pre-leasing process is the only way to guarantee a space for next year; for anyone who doesn’t submit the form by January 15th, 2020, their rooms will become available on the market for new members to sign. We may not run out of rooms immediately; however, signing requests made after January 15th, 2020 will be subject to availability (we cannot guarantee your space).

When you submit a pre-leasing request, College Houses makes a no-commitment pre-reservation for you. We will send you contract materials in January, and we will hold your space until  February 29th, 2020 whether you sign the contract or not. If you have not signed your contract, you can cancel this pre-reservation at any time and at no cost by emailing [email protected] If you have not signed your contract by 11:59PM on  February 29th, 2020, your pre-reservation will automatically expire and your space will be released to the market.

Once you receive your contract materials, you should only sign and submit them when you want your contract to be legally binding. Once you have signed and submitted your contract and received a countersigned copy, you can only cancel the contract via the cancellation process (including paying the cancellation fee), even if you cancel before  February 29th, 2020. *When your contract is active, you have an official lease and no longer have a no-penalty pre-reservation. 

If you are a new member arriving in January, you are still encouraged to pre-reserve your room if you are considering re-signing for Summer 2019 or Fall 2019/Spring 2020. If you complete the request form now, you can still wait to submit your contract materials until after you arrive to make your decision (up to February 29th, 2020).

Your lease process is not complete you receive a countersigned lease via DocuSign.

You should not sign a legally binding contract unless you are certain you can fulfill all of the obligations; please review the contract, especially the payment schedule and cancellation policies, carefully before signing. You will incur a cancellation fee for canceling a countersigned contract, even before the contract start date, of up to $950. You will only be able to re-sign if your house still has available rooms. If you want to hold/guarantee your space in College Houses as a “back up plan” by signing a contract while you explore other options, understand that you will be responsible for paying the cancellation fee as outlined in the policy in the event of cancellation.

If you are under the age of 21 and re-signing, College Houses should already have a guarantor on file for you from your previous contract. This guaranty carries over for all renewals, so you should not need to provide guarantor information again.

Student Status
Because College Houses is an education-based non-profit, residents are required to maintain enrollment in at least 6 hours of coursework at an Austin-area college or university during the fall and spring semesters. Online coursework for institutions NOT LOCATED IN THE AUSTIN AREA does NOT count towards the 6 hour minimum, but online courses at local institutions do count towards to the six hour minimum).
In order to re-sign with us, you will be required to provide your most recent proof of enrollment along with your contract materials via DocuSign. More information on acceptable documentation will be provided with your contract.
Residents are allowed 2 “grace” semesters after the last semester in which they COMPLETED at least 6 credit hours of coursework. If you receive credit for less than 6 hours of coursework during the fall or spring semester, then that semester counts one of your grace semesters. Residents claiming their grace year will be required to provide documentation of their most recent enrollment at or above 6 credit hours.
*Providing false or misleading proof of enrollment with your contract is grounds for immediate contract termination with the full cancellation penalty.

College houses does not require enrollment verification for summer contracts, and summer contracts do not count against a resident’s “grace semesters.” If this applies to you, then you can upload any document to get past the document request form, and we will see that you are not required to submit proof if you are only requesting a summer contract.

Subject to availability: Pre-leasing Request 20/21