Need an affordable meal plan? Want to get a taste of cooperative living without committing to a full membership? Then look into our associate membership program. As an associate, you get all the privileges of regular membership (other than a room), including access to your house’s common areas, full voting privileges at your house’s weekly meetings, and, of course, a weekly meal plan! In exchange, you pay a monthly fee and do 2 hours of weekly labor at your house, giving you a chance to meet and interact with house members. If you later decide to become a full member, you can sign a contract during priority signing and guarantee yourself a spot at the house(s) you were accepted at.

There are two types of meal plans offered to associate members – 5 meals per week for $70/month, or 17 meals per week for $140/month.

If you’re interested, you can apply (free!) here. Associate memberships go by semester, and you can start anytime!