Resident Cancellation

If your plans have changed for any reason and you need to cancel your active, legally-binding lease with College Houses, then you can only do so by completing the  Contract Cancellation Process:

This is the only process for cancelling your contract, even if you never check in. If you never check in* or if you depart before the end of your contract without completing the contract break process, then the entire balance due for the full term of your contract, along with any unpaid fees, will be forwarded to a collections agency and may affect your credit and rental history.

*If you are cancelling your contract before checking in, then complete this form (Contract Cancellation Deposit Return Form) to receive the reminder of your deposit after the cancellation fee is processed.

Grounds for Eviction

CH may terminate Resident’s right of occupancy for any of the following:

  1. Non-payment of rent and other charges (*details below).
  2. A debt owed on a previous contract with CH.
  3. Failure to pay CH for damages, repairs, and service costs.
  4. Resident or Resident’s guest violating lease, contract, membership agreement, any CH or house rules and policies, or federal/state/local laws.
  5. Abandonment of premises.
  6. Non-performance of house labor or failure to attend house meetings (*details below).
  7. Vandalism/damages to CH property.
  8. Violence to other residents, guests or any other persons on CH property.
  9. Violation of eligibility requirements as set by CH and/or
  10. Providing false information on membership application.

CH may terminate Resident’s right of occupancy by giving Residents three days written notice to vacate CH property. Notice may be given by any one of the following methods:

  1. Regular mail
  2. Certified mail, return receipt requested
  3. Personal delivery to Resident
  4. Personal delivery to the Resident’s room/apartment/suite, or
  5. Affixing the notice to the Resident’s room/apartment/suite door.

*Details: Eviction Due To Non-Payment

If you have any unpaid balance over $300 by the 14th day of the month, you may be subject to an internal eviction notice posted on your door. Before College Houses files for an eviction hearing with Travis County, you will have 3 days from the posting date to either resolve your balance, complete a viable payment plan (including proof of income and ability to resolve your account balance) with the Executive Director, or check out and vacate the property. If you are having trouble making you payments, please get in contact with the Accountant ([email protected]) and/or Executive Director ( as soon as possible  so they can provide support, review your options with you, and structure a payment plan if appropriate.

*Details: Eviction Due To Non-Performance of Labor

Your house labor is part of your contractual obligation for the organization, and the equity you contribute through your labor is what allows College Houses to offer the affordable rates relative to the array of services and amenities you receive as a resident in the West Campus Neighborhood.

Upon your arrival, the house typically begins the semester with temporary labor assignments while the Labor Coordinator collects everyone’s availability and completes the labor assignments for the semester. Each house has a form of a “No-Show” penalty system; no-shows can be issued for nonperformance of labor (skipping/missing/arriving late to a shift without arranging a substitute or labor swap), violation of house policies, failure to comply with directives sent via email (for example, not providing your labor availability by the due date), or uncooperative behavior. In most cases, 3 no-shows results in a membership review (which can result in an eviction decision), and a 4th no show results in an automatic eviction; your contract can be terminated at any point (even the middle of the semester) by your house for non-performance of labor or any other violation of your contract.