If you have any questions regarding your account balance or payment status, please direct them to: Terrie Cordova, Accountant: [email protected]

For prospective residents, rates are available at collegehouses.org/rates

Due Dates

  • Your personal payment schedule, along with due dates, is available in your Contract under Section 5, “Rent.” Section 5 of your contract contains the discounted rates and due dates for paying for the semester or full academic year up front, as well as the monthly installment plan option due dates and amounts.
  • The $352 deposit and membership fee for new members should be paid upon receiving your countersigned contract. Please note that not paying this fee does not release you from your contractual obligations; countersigned contracts are legally binding even if you haven’t moved in and/or haven’t made any payments.

Late Fees

College Houses has a 5 day grace period for all due dates listed in the contract, including the due date. On the 6th day, a $20 late fee is applied to the account. If the balance hasn’t been resolved by the 12th day after the due date, an additional $20 late fee is applied to the account. Late fees cap at $40 per month. Please note that any resident with an unpaid balance over $50 is subject to late fees and the possibility of contract termination.
Rates are available at collegehouses.org/rates

Payment Methods

All in person payment options listed below can be processed at the College Houses Office:
1906 Pearl Street, Austin TX 78705
College Houses does NOT accept CASH.
Acceptable payment methods include: