College Houses is a non-profit organization with a one-person facilities staff working with 7 houses and over 500 residents. Please keep in mind that College Houses is a member operated organization: you are submitting a “request for assistance” rather than a work order. Your patience and flexibility are important. Depending on the nature of your request, it may be managed by either your house maintenance officer OR the office facilities staff.


In the event of a true emergency requiring the involvement of police fire, or EMS (such as an active fire, injury, etc.) residents should contact emergency services directly by dialing 911.

If there is a facilities emergency that presents an immediate threat to resident health, safety, or property, please immediately notify your house Maintenance Coordinator, Membership Coordinator, or Director; they can contact the Facilities Director immediately by phone.

For all other maintenance assistance requests, please use the form below:

Maintenance Assistance Form