Your official move in date is the first date of occupancy listed on your contract (if you are a member, then you should have already received a PDF countersigned contract with all of these details via DocuSign).

Our house membership coordinators are typically on site the full move in day to check people in unless they communicate with you otherwise.

*If you are arriving before 9AM or after 5PM on move in day (or if you are arriving after move in day) you should email your membership coordinator before you arrive to confirm a check in time (

You will check in and receive your keys/room assignment at your house, not the College Houses office.


Your house address (excluding your room number) is listed at the top of your contract. You will likely not be issued your room number until you arrive on move in day.

If you will arrive AFTER the check in date:

You will not receive any discounts (because the room is being reserved for you for the full academic term); you will need to contact your membership coordinator to arrange a time for your late check in:

If you will arrive BEFORE the contract start date:

You should make alternate housing arrangements for any days before your contract start date; many of our houses do not have the capacity to confirm any early check ins; we receive a much higher volume of requests than we can accommodate, so most people who request an early move in do not get offered one. Many people email their requests multiple times in hopes of securing an early check in, but this does not help with our availability limitations. For a more details on an early check in with College Houses, please visit

If you are looking for short term housing in Austin, here are some resources we are familiar with (this list is not an endorsement, it is meant to be a resource):

A Note on Labor and Cooperation for Move In