How to travel from the airport to your Co-op:

Here are some resources we are familiar with (this list is not an endorsement, it is meant to be a resource):

MetroAirport Bus
CapMetro App

The CapMetro 100 Bus takes you from the airport to UT’s stadium on campus (about a 20 minute walk to most of the houses). It picks up right outside arrival area; on the very right end of the shuttle lane.

Please consult CapMetro’s service map for details.

Typically $20-$25


  • Book your shuttle ride
  • Pickup and drop-off wherever you want
  • Non-stop ride: around $50
  • Shared van: around $19

Taxi Rates

Cabs typically available at the airport
Typically cost: $30-$40

Austin Transportation

If you plan on bringing your car or getting one, please visit our parking page.

CapMetro – City of Austin

CapMetro App

Free with UT Student ID card

Ride-Share Apps

Ride Austin App      Fasten App      Uber App      Lyft App    






Located next to campus (the closest option)
Campus Target 

South Target 


North (Closer)
North Walmart

South Walmart

Bed Bath and Beyond

Northwest Bed Bath and Beyond 

Grocery Shopping

Near Campus

Fresh Plus Grocery
West Campus Fresh Plus Grocery 

Campus Target                                                     

Central Wheatsville

Off Campus

Allendale Shopping Center
Hancock Center 


Central Market

Central Austin Central Market

Whole Foods

Downtown Whole Foods

Trader Joe’s

Downtown Trader Joe’s 


Eastside Fiesta

Getting Set at UT

Get your UT ID

In case you want to get your UT ID before your ICB session:

      1. Make sure to bring your passport!! An ID or Drivers License does NOT typically work for this!
        Know your UT EID
      2. Go to Flawn Academic Center; 1st floor
      3. Get in line, take a picture, fill in your information
      4. After about 10 minutes, the ID will be finished and ready to be picked up

Health and Safety on Campus

Doctors Appointments

UT offers a variety of medical help including general medicine, allergies, women’s health, nutrition services, physical therapy, sports medicine and many more. 

Schedule an Appointment 


UT Urgent Care Clinic takes care of injuries that need immediate assistance.
Call (512) 471-4955 for more information and if you are not sure if this is where you should go.

Mental Health

The Counseling and Mental Health Center is helps you with common student concerns like stress management, anxiety or time management. Besides that there are a number of preventive offers such as massage chairs or meditation tutorials. 


International Student Orientation

Fun Events, getting to know UT, Austin and other International Students