Active towing will begin for Fall semester September 10th, 2021. Once active towing begins, vehicles parked in a College Houses lots without an active “2021/2022” parking permit will be subject to towing at the owners expense. Active towing will pause December 15th for winter break. 

Fall pass offers will start being sent out via Docusign starting August 1st, 2021 in order of who requested first. The MemCo will administer passing out the parking passes after move-in. If the parking pass is requested after August 15th, then you may be required to come into the office to pick up the pass. 

Parking Pass Request

Please review the CH Parking Pass Agreement before purchasing a sticker.

The member will need ALL of the following:

  1. The full parking fee payment of $250 (will be payable on the Docusign Parking Agreement, do not pay beforehand)
    *Stickers purchased after the start of towing may be pro-rated.
    *Spring-only residents are only required to pay $125 for the pass for the Spring semester.
    *If you move in during the Fall Semester but will not be a resident in the Spring Semester, you can return your physical parking sticker back to the College Houses Accountant at the end of the Fall semester for a $125 reimbursement (to be returned with your deposit).
  2. Your license plate number (you cannot purchase a pass if you do not yet have a vehicle).
  3. And proof of current vehicle insurance that has the resident’s name visible.

You cannot reserve a space in advance; not even by paying in advance; your pass is not reserved until the parking pass agreement has been counter-signed by the office.

College Houses has a limited number of parking spaces , and towing is enforced in all of our parking lots; residents must have a valid, paid College Houses parking sticker displayed on their vehicle, or else they will be towed from the lot at their expense. College Houses does not guarantee parking for all of its members (we have less spaces than rooms available in each house). Historically, we’ve had enough parking to accommodate all of our members. If no remaining spaces are available at your house, then you may be assigned to a lot at another house. If we are not able to offer you a spot, then you will be responsible for securing parking elsewhere.


Non-Member Parking Requests

Non-members can request parking passes after towing has started. If you are a non-member wanting a parking pass, you can complete the form above but you must email [email protected] about your request. Any requests made without the email may be ignored. Parking costs for non-members is double the member price.