College Houses’ tours function differently than most student housing providers because we are a co-op!  Our houses elect an officer, the Membership Coordinator, whose responsibility is to coordinate tours. The Membership Coordinators are residents of the house with elected responsibilities; they are not staff. The College Houses office does give or coordinate tours. Nor are we able to provide tours on the same day it is requested.

To schedule a tour, email the Membership Coordinator of that house asking what times are they available to give tours. Their emails can be found on our contact page.  Typically it can take up to a couple of weeks for them to respond. You can also ask to go to a house dinner if that house is serving meals.

If you know a resident, they can also give you a tour. Resident’s are encourage to give tours because they can get a referral rent credit if referenced.

Steps to get a tour

  1. Explore which houses you are interested in.
  2. Email the Membership Coordinators of those houses asking for the best time for a tour.
  3. Wait up to a few weeks for a response.
  4. Meet at the agreed upon time and enjoy.