The move-out day is listed on your contract.
Additional info is available for early departures/late departures.
To complete the move out process, resident must:

  • Communicate with house Membership Coordinator their expected move-out day.
  • Clean their room/bathroom and remove all personal belongings
  • Return their keys to the College Houses office
  • Submit a checkout/deposit return form

Deposits will be issued within 30 days of the resident’s checkout date (or the end of the contract, whichever is later).

Move Out Date – Early and Late Move Out

The move-out day is listed on your contract. Residents are expected to notify their house Membership Coordinator of their move out date; even if it is on the move-out date. Typically Membership Coordinator’s will communicate their method of collecting resident move-out dates. Residents moving out early are not eligible for additional rent discounts; their room is reserved for the full semester.

Late move-out is not guaranteed and a resident must be in good financial standing AND have the house’s Membership Coordinator’s approval before the move-out date to be eligible for late move-out. Late move out is $100/day. Residents who do not have an active contract for the next contract term MUST check out of their room at least 2 nights before the next listed move in date*Late move out charges are deducted from the residents deposit if there are sufficient funds to cover all of their costs/fees, otherwise the charges should be paid before departure.

*To request a move out time later a week after move-out, then complete this form.

Key Returns

Any keys and fobs given to you by your house or the office need to be returned to the office, even if the resident is moving out temporarily. There is a key return station outside the office door to the right. The station contains a plastic box with key envelopes, pens, and instructions. If a resident is returning the keys outside of business hours, they can be returned through the office’s mail slot. If returning keys through door slot, it is recommended you take a picture of the key envelope outside the door if you want your own proof of the key return.

Residents will be charged for any keys not returned, and their room will not be considered forfeited until the keys are returned. If the keys are never returned, a resident’s move-out date will be the day before the next contract’s move in day, and late move out charges will be applied.

Final Rent Payment

As noted in your lease, you remain responsible for the entire semester rent payment as outlined in the contract. Your deposit CANNOT be applied to your final rent payment.

Check Out/ Deposit Return $$$

Residents must complete an only checkout form in order to receive their deposit. Your house may require a paper check out form, but the online checkout form must still be completed. Deposits returns will be issued 30 days after the final day of the contract, 30 days after your checkout date (if you leave after the last day of the contract), or 30 days after we receive your checkout form (whichever is latest).

If your house requires a paper check out form, then it is solely your responsibility to return the check out form & keys to the office. If a resident is submitting the check out form with keys outside of business hours, they can be submitted through the office’s mail slot. Envelopes with return instructions will be provided to the houses’ common space.

Residents have 3 options for a deposit return (you will select an option on your checkout form):

  • US Mail: College Houses can mail deposit checks via United States Postal Service. You must provide a mailing address where you will be able to receive mail more than 30 days after the end of your contract.
  • Pick Up: You may pick up my check in person from the College Houses office when it is ready. You will need to be available in Austin at least 30 days after the end of your contract.
  • PayPal: College Houses can return your deposit electronically via PayPal.

*If you will not be in the United States 30 days after the end of the contract (or your checkout date, if later), the only way College Houses will issue your deposit is via PayPal. If you do not have a PayPal account, you can create one at

If you have questions about your deposit return options or special circumstances surrounding your deposit return, please contact Terrie, the accountant, at [email protected].

Residents are expected to clean their rooms thoroughly to prepare them for the next occupant. College Houses may bill the resident for damages if the room requires additional cleaning or damages beyond what is covered by the standard cleaning fee.