CO-OP 2020

Help us build the next decade of cooperation!

College Houses needs your help to preserve co-ops as the unique communities you know and love. We are ready to do more than ever to strengthen our co-ops… Will you come with us into the next decade of cooperation?

As we enter 2020, our goal is for 20 co-op supporters like you to commit to a $20 per month sustaining investment in College Houses co-ops. Please consider becoming a CO-OP 2020 supporter today. Thank you!

General Donation

Choose “Make this a monthly gift” at $20 or higher to become a CO-OP 2020 sustaining supporter!

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Sustaining support

Whether you make a sustaining $20 investment, join us at $5 or $10 per month, or make a one-time gift of any amount, it truly helps us keep the co-ops great.

If you choose to give $20 or more per month, you will become a CO-OP 2020 supporter. As a sustaining supporter of the co-op community, the co-ops will look to you for input and leadership for new projects and events.


Why is College Houses fundraising?

In the past, College Houses has relied almost entirely on rent to operate. However, as our buildings get older and costs rise, it has become more and more clear that this will not be sustainable forever. Without additional help from supporters like you, current co-opers may start to face hard choices, such as cutting budgets or raising rent significantly.

We are hard at work finding creative ways to fund major projects and renovations, but none of it will be possible without direct support from you. As an alum who knows first-hand how important it is to keep co-ops alive, we hope you will consider making a donation to College Houses.

Where does the money go?

Every donation we receive goes directly to keeping our co-ops the amazing, friendly, supportive, and wonderfully weird communities you know and love! This means:

  • Keeping rent affordable and funding scholarships for officers
  • Creating educational trainings and social events
  • Maintaining our physical structures to be safe and comfortable co-op homes
  • And so much more. In short—your gift makes co-op living possible.

How else can I donate?

We can accept checks at our main office. Please mail (or hand deliver!) to:

College Houses
1906 Pearl Street
Austin, TX 78705

For more options and info, please email [email protected]

Can I help in other ways?

Absolutely, yes! Here are some other ways co-op alums can support the next decade of co-ops:

  • Stay tuned for alumni events and other opportunities by joining our Alumni Association email list
  • If you’ve already joined the email list, share it with other alums! We need you to bring our extended co-op family together. The link to share is
  • Are you the planning type? Do you like relaxed meetings with other co-opers? If you said yes to either question, we want you for the Alumni Steering Committee! This group plans alum events and creates other ways for our co-op family to get involved.

Sign up for the Alumni Steering Committee >

How are costs increasing, and why isn’t rent enough?

Almost every cost to the co-ops increases by a small percentage every year, and our rent rates generally match this low rate of increase. (For you econ majors, these increases primarily come down to inflation.) However, as our buildings get older, the costs to maintain them properly will increase by much more. Large projects like the 21st Street walkways repairs will become more frequent, and each of these are likely to cost more than $1 million.

That’s a little scary! But College Houses has faced harder problems in its 55 year history, and we always overcome by working together. We think we can strategically lower some of our costs, as well as find creative ways to fund major repairs. However, we also know that we can’t be successful without direct support from our closest supporters. If you are a co-op alum, or you find value in preserving our unique family of co-ops for the future, please consider helping us in any way you can. Thank you!