The list below updates automatically as contracts are signed.

College Houses has limited Spring 2018 (current semester) availability, mostly at 21st Street and Pearl. If you are interested in a current Spring 2018 contract, you should contact the membership director and list your requested move in date.

Upcoming contract periods are listed below:

 *Any spaces labeled “IV Only” are reserved for individuals with demonstrated financial need. If you have a US-based financial aid package that indicates you are the recipient of a Pell Grant (full or partial), a Subsidized Stafford Loan, or another award based on financial need, you may qualify for one of these spaces. Please note that Unsubsidized Stafford Loans and Parent PLUS loans DO NOT QUALIFY as need-based financial aid. You can demonstrate eligibility for these spaces after your membership application is processed. If you indicate that you believe you qualify for a space, you will be asked to submit documentation along with your contract materials (instructions will be included in your contract).