College Houses is Expanding Our Membership Eligibility

Due to COVID-19, College Houses is expanding our eligibility beyond full-time students. We are excited to invite more people to experience our affordable co-op housing in central Austin!

College Houses is extending eligibility due to COVID-19. Now, more people can live in our affordable housing in Austin!
College Houses offers affordable co-op housing for rent in the central West Campus neighborhood of Austin, TX. In response to COVID-19, we have expanded our eligibility to include more potential members!

Previously, College Houses accepted full-time students attending local colleges, and higher education faculty and staff. This has been expanded to include more people who have recently been in school, for example people who are on a gap year, or are transitioning from school to their career.

For the period of this August through the summer of 2021, you can live in any College Houses community if:

  • You have graduated high school, or attended college full-time (6 credit hours), within the last 5 years
  • You are enrolled in at least 6 hours of college courses (online courses count, even from non-Austin institutions)
  • You are a staff or faculty member at a local college or university
  • You are an active AmeriCorp member (special requirements apply, please email us)

(In addition, members who lived with us this past year are eligible for an extended “grace year” exemption.)

If you, or someone you know, could benefit from our affordable, cooperative housing, we strongly encourage applying as soon as possible. Our application is free and is submitted online.

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Our co-op property located at 1905 Nueces Street

Our Communities

See our seven unique co-op communities, all located in Central Austin.

Questions about co-op living or our new eligibility? Please email us.

More About Living at College Houses

Co-op Living
College Houses properties are cooperatives, or “co-ops”. This means that every resident takes part in managing the property by doing 2-6 hours per week of chores or “labor”. This might include tasks like sweeping common areas, or caring for the grounds.

In a co-op, you also get a vote in house decisions. In simplest terms, you can think of a co-op like a dorm that is managed by its residents, or like a tight-knit condo community where the HOA is actually a benefit rather than a nuisance!

Why live in a co-op? Living in a community where everyone pitches in and works together:

  • Helps foster a friendly, active community
  • Puts your housing in your control
  • Saves you time and money through economies of scale.

If any of the above sounds like a fit for you, we encourage you to submit a free online application today.

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COVID-19 Response
College Houses responded quickly to the coronavirus pandemic starting in March of this year, and we have been continuously updating and improving our plans in response to the latest health and safety guidance. Changes include moving to “grab-and-go” meal service, a shift to digital house meetings and community events, and firm policies to ensure safety protocols are followed in common areas of our properties. Read more details about our COVID-19 response >

“I am so thankful to have lived in a co-op during the pandemic because we do still have a sense of community here, even when many other people have been isolated. We spend a lot of time outside in our garden and at the picnic tables. I always feel safe because our community really cares about each other and everyone follows our community guidelines.”
– Nicole, College Houses resident

Affordable Rates
College Houses aims to be an affordable option for anyone seeking a central location and great community. Even though we are very affordable, most units do not require verified income to apply.

See All Rent Rates >

Please note:

  • All bills (water, electricity, and internet) are included in the listed price.
  • Most of our communities also include meals, and the food cost is included in your rent. This is a great service for anyone seeking convenience and looking to avoid trips to the grocery store.

College Houses offers a 9 month lease from August 21 to May 19, as well as a spring lease from January 15 to May 19. Both leases can be extended through the summer months.

In addition, we can usually accommodate a flexible move-in date, and an August to December lease can be accommodated for a small fee. Want to know if we can accommodate your preferred dates? Please contact us!

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